Alexandro castro

I’m a Front-End developer, Back-End developer, Mobile Developer, UI/UX Designer

 I am Alexandro Castro, a software engineer, a Data Science Student, a web developer since 2014, a mobile developer since 2018.

Proud to have of academic study.

Vue expert

OpenSource Lover

Linux advance user


  • Front End Architect

    Conexa Saúde

    - at moment5 months

    Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil

    Tested site compatibility across multiple browsers and devices, uncovering and debugging issues and addressing inconsistencies.
    Wrote clean HTML and CSS code, integrating design, extensions and third-party apps according to web development plans.
    Identified and resolved website performance flags to optimize speed.
    Collaborated with stakeholders during development processes to confirm creative proposals and design best practices for B2B solutions.
    Assembled and addressed technical and design requirements, integrating user-facing and front-end elements to maintain web presence effectiveness.

    Technologies: VueJS, ReactJS, SASS, Vanilla Javascript, JQuery, JSPl.

  • Full Stack Engineer

    Agência H1 Code

    - at moment6 years 9 months

    Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

    Developed SAAS to reduce fraud rate by 80%, resulting in increased best online sales.
    Completed full redesigns of existing websites to improve navigation, enhance visuals and strengthen search engine rankings.
    Developed landing pages, dashboards and online applications using ReactJS, VueJS, Jquery, HTML5, SASS and Javascript.
    Pulled from PHP, SQL, JavaScript and other back-end library knowledge to bolster programming resources.
    Reviewed code to validate structures, assess security and verify browser, device and operating system compatibility.

    Technologies: VueJS, PHP, Flutter, NodeJS, MySQL, Postgresql, ReactJS, React Native

  • Software Engineer

    DealerUp Consultoria e Sistemas

    - 1 year 1 mês

    Curitiba, Paraná

    Orchestrated efficient large-scale software deployments, including testing features and correcting code.
    Built outstanding and dynamic team of software engineers and developers which significantly boosted overall success of organization.
    Tested troubleshooting methods, devised innovative solutions, and documented resolutions for inclusion in knowledge base for support team use.
    Performed software testing to uncover bugs and troubleshoot.
    Created proofs of concept for innovative new solutions.

    Technologies: VueJS, PHP, Flutter, NodeJS, MySQL, Postgresql

  • Desenvolvedor full stack

    Studio Prime

    - 2 years 8 months

    Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

    Contributed ideas and suggestions in team meetings and delivered updates on deadlines, designs and enhancements.
    Orchestrated efficient large-scale software deployments, including testing features and correcting code.
    Collaborated with developers and performance engineers to enhance supportability and identify performance bottlenecks.
    Built, tested and deployed scalable, highly available and modular software products.

    Technologies: jQuery, PHP, Flutter, Angular

Let's talk about me!

I love the problem, not the solution, that's why i've been improving my skills.

Alexandro Castro